I stated in last month's blog post on the website that I was giving myself the gift of forgiveness for Christmas. 

I followed the prescribed method suggested by Dr. Steven Horne, and I had a friend of mine who is knowledgable about muscle testing did the test indicated. 

What happened?

The outcome was favorable but revealed that there is even still more work to do.  The determination was that I need to follow the method for another two and one-half months. 

I began immediately. 


I want every corner swept completely clean.

I want to think of the situation and the people involved with only Love in my heart.

Even though I did not get the hoped-for results, I did notice that several smaller grievances were cleared and released during the process.

My message:  
Do not give up!

While it is true that some things can happen in an instant, some take more time.

Eventually, this situation will be completely forgiven and released, and I thank God for it.

My life will be more abundant for the effort.

"Forgiveness offers everything I want."