September was a very active month for me.

In addition to my many other activities, I found myself having to prepare for a pre-arranged visit from a close friend.

When I mentioned it in conversation with a group of friends, the advice given was not to worry about it.  My friend was coming to see me, not my house.

That wasn't good enough for me.  While true, I still wanted things to be well-ordered and neat. My sister-friend may or may not have cared, but I did.

As the month progressed, I began to panic because things had not gone as well as I hoped.

Rather than give in to panic, I did something very hard for me to do - I asked for help.

My oldest sister stepped up and came to the rescue.

The first thing we did was to get rid of things that were no longer needed. Sister went through the house, picking up items as she went along, asking me if I needed this or that.  More often than not, the answer was no.  In to the trashcan, it went.  I appreciated this because I would say probably still be puzzling over things, not taking action.

We were able to establish order in a matter of several hours.  Marie Kondo had nothing on us!

It is good to have an objective helper when it is time to clear clutter.  The questions they ask help to put things in perspective.

I was ready to have a guest.

My friend came and went.  We had a good time.

My next order of business is to use my Divine Power of Zeal to keep things in order by mindfully questioning my self about whether or not something is needed or useful.

So far, so good.  I must not become weary in my quest.