My subject for the blog posts has focused on the Twelve Powers, the Unity theme for 2021.  I did not post during April or may due to life intervening. 

Better late than never.

The theme for April was our Power of Love.  The theme for May is our Power of Dominion (Power).

This post focuses on a combination of the two, Love and Power.

I have had myriad opportunities to practice both.  My husband had another health challenge that resulted in another hospital stay, and I lost a dear friend the day after Easter.

  I had not known her for an extended time, but we became fast friends upon meeting a few years back.  She was also a Unity minister.   Her daughter asked me to officiate the service, and I felt honored.

The Unity Church could not hold a service due to Covid, prompting the need to find another venue. 

The need for our use of Dominion came into play at this point.  We found another church willing to let us hold the service. 

One problem, the denomination of this particular does not allow female ministers to express in any way resembling ministry.  I was in line at Sam's Club when I got the service. 

We brainstormed suggestions, including having a male minister friend who had said he was attending to officiate the service. 

Her family exercised their power of Dominion to make another choice.  We went to that location and had a beautiful memorial service for our dearly beloved.

The following week had me officiating a graveside service.  The third week found me officiating a wedding and the fourth week a re-commitment ceremony for a couple who had been married for a decade.  The grand finale for the month was officiating my niece's wedding, definitely a labor of love and an opportunity to practice my power of Dominion to stay calm and carry on.