The Unity Theme for December 2020 is

"I have plenty.  Plenty is enough.  Plenty is enough to share."

The selection for the month is "Sharing Our Plenty" by Reverend Ken Daigle.

Sharing our good reflects the Faith that is the foundation of our understanding of our all-sufficiency.  

"Living in the knowledge that you have enough should be the natural result of your gratitude practice."

I can attest to the result of a consistent practice of gratitude.  Up until this year of the great pandemic, I had engaged in an irregular pattern.  I committed to writing down things I was grateful for, but I soon fell behind until receiving a reminder.  I would take it up again only to abandon it once again. Something changed this year as a result of having to stay close to home.  I discovered an app called the 5-minute journal.  Each day's entry invites the posting of a photo.  I usually choose a nature scene.  I post an aphorism on other days.  After the posting, there is space to write three things I am grateful for what I will do to make the day great, followed by a daily affirmation.  It is a great way to start the day, and it only takes a few minutes.  I end the day by posting three amazing things that happened during the day.

Daigle then states that recognizing and feeling grateful for the good things in our life helps us see how genuinely abundant we are.
The author says that he started using the phrase "Love wastefully" several years ago.  He says that it is purposely provocative.  I was not too fond of the term at first because it implies throwing something away.  I didn't think the two words fit together.  I found myself opposed to the idea of throwing something as precious as love away.  I understood it better when he stated that we could not deplete the reservoir of love. 

The more love you give, the more love you have.  Even if the love we share is unrequited by the object of our affection,  we are still better for having loved, secure in the knowledge that it will come back to us through another channel.

Share wastefully and eliminate the idea of lack, knowing that sharing does not lead to scarcity.  Source provides.  Whatever is needed comes in the right way at the right time.
Rev Daigle stated that we could

"Love wastefully, give abundantly, share with abandon, and serve tirelessly."
The more we give, the more we receive.