February 2020 Prayer Service

We begin with deep breathing, strong and intentional. We breathe from our heart center of divine love, directing breath throughout our bodies and out beyond our bodies to broadcast divine love everywhere. We stir up the vibration of divine love, the unifying power of God as we pray.

Divine peace flows in my mind and my heart.

Every thought in my mind is informed by the unifying power of love. Every feeling in my heart is tempered by love. Therefore, I am peaceful. I am filled with divine peace that f lows in and through my mind and heart. By the power of divine love, I am a unifying presence ...

Centered in divine wisdom, I trust the whispers of Truth.

By the unifying power of divine love, I am one with God. All the wisdom of God is present where I am. I only need to be still and turn inward to know in any moment what to do and when to act. Love is my nature; wisdom is my guide ...

One with God, I choose life, wholeness, and well-being.

Divine love is the unifying power of my intention to know wholeness and well-being. I steady my thoughts on divine love, in which all worry and doubt harmonize and heal instantly. I claim and now choose nothing less than the fullness of life ... © 2020 by Unity (Bible quotation from the New Revised Standard Version.)Note: indicates a pause.

God is my strength; I am steadfast and courageous.

Knowing I am one with God, I am anchored in spiritual strength. No concern or circumstance could have power over me, for God is my strength. I am as strong as an oak tree with roots planted deep and branches that sway but never break. I stand steady and ready. Strength is my name ...

Awakened in divine love, I am a blessing.

Divine love is a stirring within, an awakening to my heart and mind. I am willing to harmonize my thoughts so they are clear and kind. I am willing to be a unifying presence that blesses and encourages others. Fully in love, I am willing to be a blessing in the world ...

As we complete this session of prayer, may we choose the harmony and unity of divine love throughout our day. Awakened in love—spiritually strong and full of wisdom—we consciously live today as the love of God. We hold this powerful intention as we close by reciting the “Prayer for Protection” together ...

The light of God surrounds us;

I AM light.

The love of God enfolds us;

I AM love.

The power of God protects us;

I AM power.

The presence of God watches over us.

I AM presence.

Wherever we are, God is!

I AM Divine.

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