January 2020 Prayer Service

With a new year and a fresh breath, we devote our full attention on God—the Source of all vitality and inspiration we could ever need. In the beginning, God. We breathe in the expanding, glorious awareness of God

Peace flows like a river throughout my being.

I am one with God, claiming spiritual authority over stormy thoughts and emotions. Nothing can throw me off balance; nothing can shake me, for peace replaces all my concerns. I am now centered, calm, quiet-minded, and peaceful in the certainty of divine peace ...

I am the harmonious action of divine love.

In the beginning, God, the harmonious power of love. Attuned to the harmony of love in my body and mind, I agree with divine love’s healing and restoring power in every aspect of my life. I claim spiritual authority to be love in action, harmonizing any discords and restoring relationships ...

Every part of my body, mind, and spirit celebrates divine life.

I honor divine life—nourishment for my body. I honor divine ideas flourishing in my mind. I honor the fullness of life in my dreams and intentions. I command every thought to celebrate divine life and thrive ...

In gratitude, I see abundant blessings and possibilities.

In the beginning, gratitude. I live in an ever-present awareness of blessings. I see possibility within each circumstance. I see blessings within each possibility. In any moment of need, I gratefully receive abundant divine ideas with which to prosper ...

My every prayerful thought blesses the world with peace.

May my every breath be a prayer for peaceful solutions to our shared human concerns. In spiritual authority, I direct my thoughts to bless the human family with peaceful hearts that behold the divine within one another. May peace prevail within and all around us ...

Returning our awareness to our physical bodies and the physical space we occupy, we retain the spacious, glorious awareness of God. Breathing together at the close of our prayer time—in gratitude and faithful expectation—we begin a new year with heart and mind refreshed. Let’s close by reciting the “Prayer for Protection” together ...

The light of God surrounds us;

I AM light.

The love of God enfolds us;

I AM love.

The power of God protects us;

I AM power.

The presence of God watches over us.

I AM presence.

Wherever we are, God is!

I AM Divine.

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