The Unity Theme for February 2021 focuses on our inherent gift of Strength.

Strength can be a double-edged sword.

It can be our greatest asset as well as our most significant liability. Standing in the spiritual awareness of Strength is the "pivot" point for us.

Fillmore: "The overcoming of Goliath by David (1 Samuel 17) illustrates the mastery of the spiritual over the material:


Had no armor (Saul outfitted him with it, but David took it off, citing unfamiliarity with it.    

Trusted in Divine Intelligence

Goliath was fully armored from head to toe; he trusted in his armor.

Armor represents the protective power of matter and material conditions.

We focus here on the Spiritual nature of Strength and its ability to sustain.


Strength assisted by faith provides us with the stamina necessary to unfold the other Divine Gifts.

Physical Strength is vitality, courage, and tenacity. All are forms of Strength.

Mental Strength is the quality of mind that enables us to lead, accomplish, and follow through on decisions. (perseverance, patience)

Spiritual Strength allows us to do the right thing. (steadfastness)

Spiritual Strength and Faith grow together.


"Direct to this weak place, with the sling of his concentrated will, he (David) sent a thought that shattered the forehead of the giant. This incident shows how easy it is to overcome the seemingly strong personal and material conditions when the mind of Spirit springs into action."

STRENGTH is not necessarily able to push or pull; not proven by fighting energy; material wealth is not an indication of real Strength. 

Sustained force, intensity, and vigor characterize STRENGTH. 

STRENGTH is known as the ability to persist or endure, the capacity for intense and maintained activity; the willingness to press forward on a given course. 

STRENGTH in the Mind of God is His unlimited Power to sustain Creation's activity, the continued movement and unfolding of Creation, the constant supply of all things required to develop the plan. 

STRENGTH in the Mind of God is an idea of endurance and continuity. 

Man's STRENGTH is the ability to hold to a selected course through sustained effort. 

The exercise of Strength in regards to character requires courage.

Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, and others with tremendous power clung to their ideas under great stress, and as a result, left enduring messages.




Character: It must have taken great strength of character for both Andrew and Peter to follow Jesus.

Something to ponder:

Would you or I have had the Strength of character to follow Jesus?

- Leave everything behind and go?

- Continue to work after the crucifixion and resurrection?

- Endure the mental and physical suffering that ensued?


To be "strong in the Lord and the Power of his might" (Ephesians 6:10), one will set his life toward God, direct his Faith to the achievement of awareness of God in all his ways; and he will find his Strength flowing in the same channel, supporting and deepening his Faith. Such vigor and intensity will sustain thinking and conduct; and awareness of movement along the chosen path. 

During this time in which we live, we find new ways to express this gift of Strength.  

Parents have discovered new reservoirs of Strength in attempting to educate children while performing vocational duties. We have all had to find ways to endure what seems like an endless sameness. We have had to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, some of which will remain with us. All is and will be well as we use our power of Strength to bring us through these trying times.