June is the month in which we celebrate and focus on our wonderful gift of Imagination.

Recently I attended a gathering in which we talked about how the Pandemic affected us positively and negatively. Everyone, including myself, spoke about the feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear, unrest and 

restlessness brought about by the Pandemic.

One positive for me was the opportunity presented by the Pandemic to get to know myself better, partially due to EFT or Emotional Fitness Fitness Techniques. Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping) is a practical body/mind self-help method similar to acupuncture but without the needles. Instead, practitioners tap on specific upper body points while focusing on an uncomfortable issue. I have found it to be highly beneficial for stress relief and general emotional well-being. 

I previously thought that I had explored the depths.

I have studied and practiced yoga for years, deepened my spirituality by practicing forgiveness extensively, and attended the Urban Ministerial School, ultimately becoming a Unity minister.

Despite all my effort, I uncovered still more that needed to be done. We are never fully complete in this area until we transition from this plane to the next. 

I discovered EFT in 2004 when I attended a class at an area community college. I found it interesting and helpful at the time. Nevertheless, I was still pursuing my teaching career and working toward retirement. As a result, I continued to encounter the subject throughout the ensuing years but never having time to engage in it fully.

The Pandemic finally allowed studying EFT in depth. I entered a certification program designed to train candidates to work with others wishing to take advantage of the benefits of EFT.

A critical requirement of the program is to find people willing to work with candidates to help in obtaining certification. As an introvert, this wasn't easy for me. However, I managed to find people to work with through posts on Facebook and Linkedin.

Life challenges have hampered my study throughout the certification period, the major one being the necessity for my husband's open-heart surgery. As a result, I had to delay my participation in the program for one month as I took the time to care for him. Nevertheless, I made quite a bit of progress up until this point. However, I had difficulty re-gaining traction once I resumed.  

My power of Imagination, along with the other gifts, helped me meet this challenge. Imagination is the ability to conceptualize and envision a different future.

There is a saying in Unity 

"To set it right, see it right!"

If we don't like the conditions we are attracting, we can change them by building new images with the eye of the mind, our faculty of imagination.


I began to set it right by seeing it right. I started to see myself interacting with people interested in EFT.

Another benefit inherent in the Pandemic has been the opportunity to listen to different Unity and other new thought lessons on Sunday, as most Unity churches were closed to in-person gatherings. So, for example, I had the opportunity to listen to three sermons regarding this powerful gift.

The Reverend Dr. Jack L. Bomar, the executive Bishop of the Hillside International Truth Center in Atlanta, offered three essential points about 

the Imagination:

  1. Protect the Imagination (for me, this means seeing all the conditions coming together perfectly to complete the program).
  2. Prime the Imagination with positive affirmations.
  3. Patiently await the manifestation.

I look forward to the manifestation of this dream of completing EFT Certification.