Interconnection: Like rivers flowing from one Source, we are all connected.


Considering the theme for November 2020; reminds me of the song Weave from Wings of Song, the Unity hymnal.

Rosemary Crow wrote it in 1979.



Weave, weave, weave us together.

Weave us together in unity and love.

Weave, weave, weave us together.

Weave us together in love.


1. We are many textures; we are many colors, each one different from the other. But we are entwined with one another in one great tapestry.


In these turbulent and somewhat contentious times, let us imagine ourselves weaved together.  We are in the midst of a divisive election that threatens to tear our country apart.


2. We are different instruments playing our melodies, each one tuning to a different key.  But we are all playing in harmony, in one grand symphony.


The song states that we are many us textures and colors, each different from the other. Let us imagine ourselves entwined with one another in one great tapestry instead of being separate unto ourselves.



3. A moment ago, we still did not know Our unity, only diversity. Now the Christ in me greets the Christ in thee in one great family.


Let us imagine seeing Christ in one another and visualizing ourselves as one real great family.


I am currently involved in a book study of See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur. In our last class, we covered Chapter 6: Reimagine. The study asks us to reimagine the world as we would like to see it instead of resisting the status quo.


Reimagine the world, built on the core values of justice, equity, and revolutionary love.

Consider using our power of release, the power for November.


In doing so, we would have to release ideas that tend to divide and separate us.


Let us remember that we cannot hurt someone else without hurting ourselves.


In this way we may genuinely connect, as suggested by the theme for November.