The Unity Theme for August 2020 is HOME.

The affirmation is :

"My search for home is already mapped; the way is written on my heart."

My way is my Secret Place of the Highest, referred to in Psalm 91.

The Secret Place of the Most High "is the point of mystical union between man and Spirit (or God in us). -Lessons in Truth

It is where I go to meet my In-Dweller, the Christ within.  It is as close as my breath, slowed to a relaxed, leisurely pace, and becoming quieter and quieter as I meet the presence of Pure Being.

Finding the Secret Place of the Most High requires withdrawing from the outside, and turning thoughts within; relaxing and affirming God's presence, then giving thanks for answered prayer.

I go there to find Divine Guidance, Direction, and Protection, releasing any feeling of any limitation imposed from the outside.

When in the Secret Place of the Most High, outer considerations lessen in importance. It does not matter what is going on.  We recognize and release distractions, letting them go for the time being.

I go there to find Peace and Comfort, refuge, and sanctuary.

I go there to find Inner Peace.

When I come out, I come out better, calmer, more directed, and focused.