The Unity Theme for 2021 is How to Stay Centered No Matter What.

Each month focuses upon one of our Twelve Divine Powers. The Power of the month for March is Wisdom, and the Truth Statement is
"I can handle any circumstance by tapping into the wisdom within me and all around me."

I was sorely tested regarding this recently.

I make every effort to be careful about what I post on Facebook. I attempt to focus only on positive posts.
Mothers everywhere admonish us:
"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." As a result, I don't make any comments about posts. When I do respond, I endeavor to keep it short, sweet, and positive.
No negative responses.

I am finding it more and more challenging to keep this policy.

I read something recently that raised my hackles.  I violated my policy by commenting on the entry of a friend of a friend. I don't even know this person, but what he expressed was so hateful, insulting, and filled with microaggressions that I responded against my better judgment.  What followed was about to become a thread of back and forth. It was getting hotter and hotter. After this person's last comment appeared, the light of wisdom dawned, and I decided to let this person win. I had decided to cut my losses and let it go. First, because it was a pointless exchange designed to change one another's mind about the subject, not happening with me or him. Second, it was a waste of my precious time, time I could expend in another more positive direction.

My final words were,
"I am ending this thread. God Bless you."

He did the same for me, and we both went on about our merry way.